Feb 102014
Vietnamese Red Cabbage Salad

If you’re new here, you may want to subscribe to my RSS feed. Thanks for visiting!Introduction: I recall being sat in the middle of steamy kitchen in a small town in Thailand; the two women speaking melodically in their native tongue. There was giggling, laughter and the percussion like sound of the wooden pestle pounding [...]

Jan 312014
Black Forest Roulade

Introduction: I was inspired a few months ago by the great French chef Michel Roux and his wonderful dessert ‘Marquis Roulade’; essentially a light cake-like biscuit filled with Chantilly cream, raspberries and raspberry coulis. Here in this antipodean land, known to most as Australia, cherries are in season and fruit and vegetable purveyors a stone’s [...]

Jan 202014
168 Year Old Christmas Pudding - The Eating

Introduction: A wonderful Christmas is over, one in which I had plenty of time to be let loose in the kitchen, to fervently eat all day and to participate in a tipple of the old jumping grape for breakfast without the worry of having to drive somewhere. It was just me, wifey and the two [...]

Jan 032014
Balsamic Poached Figs with Ash Coated Goat's Cheese

Introduction: I love the notion of a dish that traverses the threshold of what is dessert and savoury; bouncing in alternate mouthfuls from one to the other. A combination that has been playing around with the culinary grey cells is the combination of fig, balsamic vinegar and goat’s cheese. As luck would have it I [...]

Dec 182013
168 Year Old Christmas Pudding

I have never made a traditional Christmas pudding before. Why? I have no answer to that suffice to say that it is something that I have had on a cooking to do list since I can remember. I am sure for many, at least those from the ol’ country that is England, there are fond [...]