Banana Fritters in Hanoi

Vietnam – An Interlude

In about 30 minutes time we are heading out to the train station in Hanoi to take an overnight train to the hill town of Sapa. Luke Nguyen, a well know Vietnamese-Australian chef, wrote a book called ‘Songs from Sapa’ where he travels through Vietnam, picking up local recipes and food experiences around Vietnam. He starts his journey in Sapa, and has an amazing culinary experience here – which is what we are hoping to do. So there’ll be a big update on here once we return to Hanoi. In the meantime I have to share with you that my daughter and I took a long and tiring walk through Hanoi city in search of a glimpse of the Red River.


The Red River Running Alongside Hanoi

The Red River Running Alongside Hanoi


Having reached it, we can say it was an experience if not the second coming, as it were. A young Vietnamese man ventured out into the overgrowth by the river to cut down what looked like pampas grass. This was a romantic gesture to his girlfriend who was waiting patiently. However, when he returned and saw my five year old daughter he decided to share his hard-worked for prize, much to the amusement of his girlfriend. On the way back to the middle of the city we found four women sat by the road making banana fritters. Sometimes you just walk by and smile, which we did. But fortunately I decided to go back and purchase one.

All I can say is that it was absolutely delightful. Sometimes we must just step out, see and try new things or else fantastic experiences can pass us by. Now for Sapa.

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  1. Irene
    Irene says:

    Chao! I am so enjoying your experience and the updates. You have certainly missed your calling as a photographer as well. Wow, so impressive. Your recipe for the pho sounded so good I dragged Phil out to the vietnamese in High Street. It was great, but I am sure nowhere near as good as yours. It’s all in the local ingredients, isn’t it. Just loved the story about the landlady coming and telling you your chook was done. Bossy cows these landladies aren’t they!

    Really looking forward to Sapa. Love to Tali, Callum and Lyla

    Thay ban som

  2. HN
    HN says:

    Love Luke Nguyen and his series on Vietnam and Southeast Asia. Your blog kind of reminds me of him traveling around and interacting with the locals. I lead such a boring life compared to you and I’m so jealous! LOL


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