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Leek and Reggiano Scromlette

  This is a fusion between scrambled eggs, fried eggs and an omelette. Kept very slightly on the edge of underdone when removed from the pan you’ll encounter a creaminess and succulence that is more than enough to do away with the need for sauce. Leek is a truly wonderful vegetable, providing a complex flavour […]

Banoffee Pie with a Twist

  There’s a knock at the door. As it opens a pretty young lady is stood there with a peace offering and slight protrusion of the mandible, “Banoffee Pie?” I’ll leave you to name the film and actress and I’ll embellish you with the edible part of this famous scene – the pie not the actress. […]

Offally Good Sweetbread Nuggets with Chipotle Mayo

Introduction: In Yorkshire, as a kid, offal was all the rage. Not because we were fancy-pant eaters with the adventurous tastes of the culinary Bohemian – no, offal was cheap; pig’s liver, lamb’s tongue, tripe (cow’s stomach lining), kidney  and  brains (not for the cholesterol sensitive) were all used. And then there were the lower-end […]

Blown away by a Globular Mass

Last Saturday at the local market I stumbled across a purveyor of something special. This was the first time the purveyor had presented his wares at this market, but on stumbling upon it I was time-warped to a most marvellous childhood experience. As I walked through the doors as a young boy the immensity of […]

Rich Rabbit Bolognese

Introduction: It’s rabbit season, it’s duck season, it’s rabbit season, it’s duck season… as a kid I loved that cartoon and being brought up in Yorkshire also loved rabbit season, which was pretty much all year round. I loved the notion of hunting for food and would wake up at 5am on a Sunday morning […]

Hey Pesto – Brilliant and Vibrantly Simple Salad

Introduction: This is a stunning yet simple salad that can lighten up any barbecue and guarantee to wow your guests; it’s even better if you’ve been assigned to ‘bring a salad’ and you rock up with this. The beauty is in its simplicity, if quality ingredients are used. I have made this a few times […]

The Shakhshūkha is Blowin’ in the Wind

I haven’t written anything on this blog for a few months or so. When inspiration is abundant it can be a world beater. In its absence there seems little but dark matter devoid of any colour. The last few months, in terms of writing, have been a mixture of both sides. I once read that one […]