Personal Creations

This is a really big moment for me; it’s like putting my heart and soul on a plate, or in a dish, and opening it up to the world. I can understand how those artists of the gastronomie, like Escoffier, Ducasse, Roux, Blanc, Adria, Blumenthal et al must have felt when first opening themselves up and showing off what their interpretation of exciting and creative food was. So what is the moment? It’s the moment that I lay down my first dishes that truly have my own mark on them, the ones where I start with a blank kitchen top, and I try and test until I have what I think is a great little dish. I do want to try and do this without sounding pompous as I think that saying ‘signature’ dish has a little pomp and circumstance about it, and the term is truly reserved for recipes identifying individual chefs, which I think I am not quite at that level, yet. However, maybe it is time to feel a little proud and elevated in culinary stature, as creating a dish is an achievement – and creating one that people enjoy eating is even better! There will be a few of these dishes as time passes and the blog grows, so maybe I will call them something else – how about Personal Creations? Nice and simple.

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